Gay Pride



It is so good to forget the bad things of life and this month is perfect for that to just enjoy and enjoy this freeing time that someone can say is intoxicating. Enjoy it being yourself in all your glory like Beyonce dancing single ladies.

Puerto Vallarta rolls out the rainbow glitter covered carpet to every member of the LGBTQ+ community transforming itself into an oasis free of toxic masculinity.

Some of the things you can do on Puerto Vallarta to enjoy the happiness of being gay and proud are:

The Pride Week Puerto Vallarta

A concert, a party festival so much like coachella that coachella and neverland may take notes on just for the many colors and attractiveness that it displays. The town paints itself rainbow like to celebrate everything gay.

At this event you can find:

  • The traditional Gay Pride Week Parade
  • The Beach Party at one of the best venues in PV
  • Promotions and VIP events at bars and restaurants

    Sunset cruise and dinner

    This cruiser takes you to a tour through the Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta this takes you to an isolated area where you'll get the a VIP treatment you will be able to explore a piece of the jungle to get a private show with a private dinner from a chef chosen for the occasion.

  • Cruise Around the Bay
  • Jungle Dance Show
  • Dinner
  • Unlimited Beverages
  • Day trip to marietas islands

    If what you are looking for is an adventure then the marietas islands are what you can do in this is a day trip on boat to a desert island where you can have all kind of adventures a small hike swim in dristaline waters or just chill and drink on the unlimited drinks :

  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Drink like a pirate in the open bar
  • Enjoy the beautiful view of a desert island in the middle of the pacific ocean
  • The nightlife in Puerto Vallarta

    The nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is very wide and there is a place for every kind of taste from searching for the perfect tequila to a romantic dinner lit by candles. What you'll find in puerto vallarta is defined by your taste and state of mind at the moment. Estas actividades son parte de la magia que se ha creado gracias a la comunidad gay en puerto vallarta apoyando al impulso de una apertura generalizada para toda la comunidad lgbt creando un ambiente único lleno de diversión y buena vibra.

    These activities are part of the magic built thanks to the gay community in Puerto Vallarta, thanks to the efforts of the community and many people that supported change and inclusion the city’s been able to create a unique climate full of fun and good vibes.

    For more information to stay fun in the best gayborhood of Mexico don't hesitate in contacting us.

    Stay Awesome, stay fabulous!