Covid Concerns

  • The safety of our clients and collaborators is our priority. We have always taken care of our guests. They are our family! All the more reason now, we meet and exceed all disinfection and safety protocols. Come with confidence, we are happy to take care of and serve you:

  • We have an access filter, where everyone who enters the hotel must have a temperature below 37 °, disinfect their hands with antibacterial gel and footwear in sanitizing solution. We require that everyone wear a face mask except when seated in the pool area where the open-air bar/restauant serves guests throughout the day. We ask guests to maintain a healthy distance of minimum 1.5 meters at all times.

  • All high contact surfaces throughout the hotel property, such as the reception desk, bar, tables and chairs, doorknobs, restrooms, stair railings, etc. are disinfected at least every 2 hours during the day (often more frequently).

  • In the rooms, at each check-out all curtains are removed and washed with hot water as well as bed and bath linens. The mattress and pillows are spray disinfected and the entire room is fogged with disinfectant and left empty for 1 full day. The next day it is ventilated and thoroughly cleaned.

  • For breakfast, we are no longer offering the buffet, but all dishes are plated and brought from the kitchen to your table. Our included breakfast can be served in-room if you prefer.

  • In the kitchen, crockery and utensils are disinfected with iodine after washing with detergent.

  • All supplies (bottles of water, soft drinks, wines and spirits, groceries, fruits and vegetables) are disinfected before being introduced into cabinets and refrigerators.

  • As the overwhelming majority of our guests are now vaccinated (it seems that those not vaccinated are not traveling or at least they are not our clientele) we are now offering our Sunday pool party again, Beers Boys & Burgers. We do limit attendance to about 40 people in our pool area so as to avoid overcrowding the space.

Do you have specific concerns? Please let us know!

Is it safe to visit Puerto Vallarta?

All of us in Puerto Vallarta are very concerned for the well-being of our visitors. At Hotel Mercurio, we believe strongly that by following the protocols we all know by now, visiting Puerto Vallarta can be as safe as being in nearly any other city (likely including your own). 

The recent spike in Covid cases, both in the US and Mexico, is largely among the unvaccinated. The great majority of cases is among those 18 to 39 - the age cohorts with the lowest percentage of vaccinated individuals. There is growing evidence that vaccinated individuals can still contract the virus, but in almost all cases (persons with underlying health conditions notwithstanding) vaccinated people experience either no symptoms or very mild symptoms. It also appears from recent data that vaccinated individuals are much less likely to pass the virus to others. This is likely because a vaccinated individual that does experience a breakthrough case will invariably have a lower "viral load" of the COVID virus. This is much like an HIV+ individual in treatment and with undetectable viral load is unlikely to pass the virus to another. Recent data has shown that among vaccinated persons with a breakthrough case of COVID, the viral load is generally less than 40% of the typical viral load of an unvaccinated person with COVID.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that it is possible for you to contract the virus while you are on vacation (or anywhere, at any time, for that matter) even if you are vaccinated. You may have no symptoms, and be surprised by a positive test result prior to your departure. This could delay your ability to board your flight home. So continue to use the precautions you have been following for the past year.

Management and staff at Hotel Mercurio have undertaken strict, well-considered and documented steps to exceed required cleaning and hygiene protocols throughout the hotel property. We’ve literally attempted to “think like a virus” to imagine all the surfaces where a virus might like to hang out. Staff are required to maintain a record of all cleaning, much of which is done every 2 hours. Our occupancy in our pool / bar/ restaurant area is limited to ensure safe distancing. And our rooms aren’t just wiped clean with sanitizer, we actually fog rooms after each check-out with an aerosol sanitizer. Of course, masks, hand sanitizer and temperature check is required for every individual entering the property.

Feel free to email us at for any COVID-19 testing questions you may have, and to plan your next visit to Puerto Vallarta. When you are ready to travel (and we all have our own comfort level), we are ready and waiting to receive you!

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