Mercurio Swim Clothing Men's swimwear

We are more than just an LGBTQ hotel! Mercurio Swim was conceived and launched in 2018 by Paul Crist and fashion designer Todd Barnes with a mission to create men’s swimwear of high quality, excellent fit, and limited production for local guys and tourists in Puerto Vallarta, México.

Our physical store is located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, only a few blocks away from our atelier, where a team of talented and trained garment makers create apparel that is stylish, well fitting, and durable. And if you are in a hurry to dip in the pool, we also keep a limited selection of swimsuits at our Hotel Mercurio mini-shop for you to try out!

No two swimsuits are alike, we love to deliver quality and uniqueness for everyone that buys Mercurio Swim and our professionals are always ready to hear your requests.

Enjoy the beach and pool parties like never before with the best kind of souvenir, your own limited run swimsuit,of course, if you are not in Puerto Vallarta, you can always shop for our exclusive swimwear online at