Exploring the Vibrant Puerto Vallarta Gay Scene: From Nightlife to Beaches & More

Introduction: Welcome to Puerto Vallarta's Dazzling Gay Scene!

Ah, Puerto Vallarta! This sun-kissed coastal paradise isn't just famous for its stunning beaches and picturesque sunsets, but it's also hailed as one of the top gay-friendly destinations in the world. When you think of the Puerto Vallarta gay scene, vibrant nightlife immediately comes to mind, with its pulsating beats echoing from the bustling clubs and warm, sandy beaches that beckon sun worshippers during the day. But there's more! Beyond the glitz and glamour, there's an unparalleled welcoming atmosphere here that's truly heartwarming.

History of the Gay Scene in Puerto Vallarta: From Hidden Gem to LGBTQ+ Paradise

The gay scene in Puerto Vallarta didn't just emerge overnight. Let's rewind a bit. Picture Puerto Vallarta in the 1960s - a sleepy fishing village, relatively unknown to many. But soon, whispers of its beauty and accepting local community started to spread. The 1980s saw an influx of LGBTQ+ visitors, drawn to its serene shores and discreet nightlife. As the years passed, word-of-mouth transformed this hidden gem into a burgeoning LGBTQ+ hub.

Key milestones? Well, the establishment of dedicated gay bars and clubs in the late 20th century set the scene alive. The 2000s saw even more growth, with the city openly embracing and promoting its gay-friendly status. Festivals like the Puerto Vallarta Pride, initiated in 2013, further solidified its position on the global LGBTQ+ map. Today, Puerto Vallarta proudly stands as a testament to inclusivity, acceptance, and the transformational power of a community coming together.

And as for the locals? Their warm and embracing nature is the backbone of this transformation, making every visitor feel right at home in this paradisiacal enclave.


Nightlife Highlights: Experience the Best of the Puerto Vallarta Gay Scene

When the sun sets over the horizon and night blankets Puerto Vallarta, the city truly comes alive. The Puerto Vallarta gay scene is a kaleidoscope of vibrant bars, pulsating clubs, and lively event spaces that promise a night (or many!) to remember. Let's paint a picture of some must-visit spots:

1.     Paco's Ranch - A classic! Known for its drag shows and energetic dance floor. Whether you're in the mood to groove or just sit back and enjoy the show, Paco's Ranch delivers.

2.     La Noche - Glittering with rooftop views, this venue offers a perfect blend of cocktails, cabaret, and starry-skied dreams. Their themed nights are quite the talk of the town.

3.     Garbo Piano Bar - For those who prefer a more relaxed, sophisticated evening, Garbo's soothing live piano tunes and vintage ambiance are perfect.

Are theme nights your thing? Watch out for special announcements during the summer months when many bars host themed pool parties and cabaret nights. Remember, the Puerto Vallarta gay scene is as much about the experiences as it is about the places.

Gay Beaches: Basking in the Beauty of Puerto Vallarta

What's a trip to Puerto Vallarta without hitting its pristine beaches? Especially when you have beautiful LGBTQ+-friendly stretches of sun, sand, and sea waiting for you! Here's where the Puerto Vallarta gay scene meets the shoreline:

1.     Los Muertos Beach - Situated in the heart of the Romantic Zone, it's the go-to gay beach. With its signature blue chairs, beach clubs like Mantamar and Blue Chairs Resort offer a mix of comfort and luxury. It's not just about sunbathing; think beach parties, volleyballs, and endless margaritas!

2.     Green Chairs at Ritmos Beach Cafe - Another gem, slightly more laid-back but just as fun. Grab a cocktail, rent a lounge chair, and let the waves serenade you.

Hitting the beach? Here's a little beach-bag checklist for you:

·        Sunscreen (a must!)

·        A good book or some music

·        Some local currency (for those spontaneous cocktail decisions)

·        A hat or cap and sunglasses for that perfect beach selfie

Best time to go? Mid-mornings to catch the sun or late afternoons to witness the breathtaking sunsets. And if you're in for a full-day beach escapade, why not both?

Cultural Events & Pride Festivities: Celebrating the Heartbeat of the Puerto Vallarta Gay Scene

Puerto Vallarta doesn't just offer beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife; it's also a hub of cultural festivities that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with passion and flair.

1.     Puerto Vallarta Pride - An annual spectacle that sets the entire city ablaze with color, music, and joy. Puerto Vallarta Pride isn't just a parade; it's a week-long festival of art shows, beach parties, concerts, and so much more. It signifies the city's love, acceptance, and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, positioning Puerto Vallarta as a leading gay-friendly destination globally.

2.     Vallarta Bear Weekend - A celebration that welcomes bears and their enthusiasts. With beach parties, boat cruises, and club nights, it's a roaring good time!

3.     Film Festivals & Art Shows - Throughout the year, local venues and theaters showcase LGBTQ+-themed films, art pieces, and live performances, emphasizing the rich tapestry of the Puerto Vallarta gay scene.

Gay-Friendly Dining & Cafes: Savoring the Flavors of Puerto Vallarta

The gastronomic journey within the Puerto Vallarta gay scene is nothing short of delightful. With a range of restaurants and cafes radiating warmth and inclusivity, every meal here becomes a cherished memory.

1.     The Swedes - A chic bistro-bar nestled in the Romantic Zone, it offers a tantalizing blend of international and Mexican dishes. Their breakfast menu is especially raved about!

2.     Café San Ángel - Looking for a cuppa paired with some delightful pastries? Look no further. This café is a perfect spot to relax, chat, or just people-watch.

3.     Taste Restaurant - Located within the adults-only Casa Cupula, it promises a gourmet experience that tantalizes your taste buds. Their poolside brunches are a must-try!

Hungry for some local specialties? Here's what you shouldn't miss:

·        Ceviche: Fresh seafood marinated in zesty lime juice.

·        Chiles en Nogada: A patriotic dish that's a blend of pomegranate seeds, chiles, and creamy walnut sauce.

·        Tamales: Steamed corn dough stuffed with various fillings and wrapped in a corn husk. Delish!

Remember, the culinary delights of the Puerto Vallarta gay scene go beyond these suggestions. Explore, savor, and let every meal be an adventure!

Stay in the Heart of It All: Hotel Mercurio

When discussing the Puerto Vallarta gay scene, one name that often pops up as a trusted and cherished hub is Hotel Mercurio. Nestled in the pulsating heart of Puerto Vallarta, this establishment is more than just a place to rest your head; it's a slice of the city's vibrant LGBTQ+ history.

1.     A Home Away from Home - Hotel Mercurio isn't grandiose, but it's grand in its warmth. With 28 cozy rooms, each designed to provide a personal touch, guests often remark how they feel like they're staying with close friends rather than in a hotel.

2.     Amenities Galore - From a refreshing pool to a buzzing bar, Hotel Mercurio ensures that guests have all they need right at their fingertips. Want to venture out? The friendly staff always have a list of must-visits and events in the Puerto Vallarta gay scene.

3.     A Staple in the Scene - Over the years, Hotel Mercurio has grown synonymous with the LGBTQ+ community in Puerto Vallarta. Its events, parties, and support for local LGBTQ+ causes have cemented its reputation as a pillar of the community.

"I've visited PV numerous times, and each time, Hotel Mercurio feels like coming back to family. The staff, the ambiance, and its deep roots in the gay scene make it my number one choice." - Carlos M., a frequent guest.

Why Hotel Mercurio? Apart from its storied legacy and unmatched warmth, the hotel often rolls out special offers, especially for the LGBTQ+ community, ensuring value for money while delivering an unforgettable experience.

Safety and Navigating Puerto Vallarta

While Puerto Vallarta is celebrated for its welcoming nature, especially towards the LGBTQ+ community, it's always wise to be informed and prepared.

1.     Stay Alert - Like any tourist hotspot, it's advisable to be aware of your surroundings, especially during late-night outings.

2.     Local Customs - While the city is progressive, displaying affection in public places, especially away from the central Puerto Vallarta gay scene, may draw attention. It's all about respecting local sentiments while being true to oneself.

3.     Ask Around - Utilize the knowledge of locals. Staff at places like Hotel Mercurio have their fingers on the pulse of the city and can guide you on the dos and don'ts.

Remember, every journey is a blend of adventure and learning. So, soak in the sun, dance the night away, and let Puerto Vallarta's magic envelop you.

Conclusion: Celebrating the Colors of Puerto Vallarta's Gay Scene

Puerto Vallarta isn't just a destination; it's an experience, a sentiment, a vibrant embrace. For years, this coastal paradise has painted a canvas of acceptance, love, and celebration. Its gay scene is more than just bars, beaches, or events. It's the spirit of a community coming together, dancing under the same stars, and sharing stories by the same shores.

Hotel Mercurio, the charming beaches, the lively nightlife, and the rich tapestry of cultural events are just glimpses of what Puerto Vallarta offers. For the curious traveler and the seasoned nomad, this city promises memories, friendships, and moments that echo with laughter, pride, and love.

So, the next time the wanderlust bug bites or the soul seeks a haven where rainbows gleam brighter, remember the alluring call of Puerto Vallarta's gay scene. Dive in, immerse yourself, and let the city's heartbeat sync with yours. Because here, love isn't just in the air; it's in every wave, every note, and every smile.

Playa Los Muertos: Un paraíso LGBT en Puerto Vallarta

¡Bienvenido a Puerto Vallarta! Si estás buscando un destino que combine sol, playa y una atmósfera inclusiva para hombres LGBTQI+, Playa Los Muertos es el lugar perfecto para ti. En este artículo, te presentaremos esta emblemática playa de Puerto Vallarta y todo lo que ofrece a pocos minutos de tu hotel LGBT-friendly.

Playa Los Muertos: Un paraíso LGBT en Puerto Vallarta

Playa Los Muertos es conocida como una de las playas más icónicas y populares de Puerto Vallarta. Ubicada en el corazón de la Zona Romántica, es un destino favorito para hombres LGBT de todo el mundo. La playa ha ganado una reputación bien merecida como un destino amigable y acogedor para la comunidad LGBT.

SegúnForbes, Puerto Vallarta ha sido considerado uno de los destinos gay más amigables del mundo. La ciudad ha sido pionera en la inclusión y celebración de la diversidad, y Playa Los Muertos es un reflejo de esa atmósfera positiva y acogedora.

Playa Los Muertos: Un paraíso LGBT en Puerto Vallarta

¡Bienvenido a Puerto Vallarta! Si estás buscando un destino que combine sol, playa y una atmósfera inclusiva para hombres LGBTQI+, Playa Los Muertos es el lugar perfecto para ti. En este artículo, te presentaremos esta emblemática playa de Puerto Vallarta y todo lo que ofrece a pocos minutos de tu hotel LGBT-friendly.

Playa Los Muertos: Un paraíso LGBT en Puerto Vallarta

Playa Los Muertos es conocida como una de las playas más icónicas y populares de Puerto Vallarta. Ubicada en el corazón de la Zona Romántica, es un destino favorito para hombres LGBT de todo el mundo. La playa ha ganado una reputación bien merecida como un destino amigable y acogedor para la comunidad LGBT.

SegúnForbes, Puerto Vallarta ha sido considerado uno de los destinos gay más amigables del mundo. La ciudad ha sido pionera en la inclusión y celebración de la diversidad, y Playa Los Muertos es un reflejo de esa atmósfera positiva y acogedora.

Experiencia LGBT en Playa Los Muertos

Cuando visites Playa Los Muertos, te sumergirás en un entorno de diversidad y aceptación. La playa es frecuentada por hombres LGBT de todas partes, creando un ambiente inclusivo y libre de prejuicios. Además, encontrarás servicios y comodidades diseñados específicamente para satisfacer las necesidades de la comunidad LGBT.

La playa cuenta con clubes y bares LGBT-friendly, donde podrás disfrutar de deliciosas bebidas refrescantes mientras te relajas bajo el sol. Estos lugares ofrecen un ambiente relajado y festivo, donde podrás socializar y conocer a personas afines.

Actividades y entretenimiento en Playa Los Muertos

Además de disfrutar del sol y la arena, Playa Los Muertos ofrece una amplia gama de actividades y entretenimiento. Puedes aventurarte en emocionantes deportes acuáticos como el paddleboard, el kayak o el snorkel, y descubrir la belleza submarina que rodea la playa. Si eres más aventurero, puedes embarcarte en un emocionante paseo en banana boat o practicar esquí acuático.

Por la noche, la Zona Romántica cobra vida con una vibrante vida nocturna. Encontrarás una gran variedad de bares y discotecas LGBT-friendly donde podrás bailar, disfrutar de música en vivo y vivir experiencias inolvidables. Desde espectáculos drag hasta fiestas temáticas, la diversión está garantizada en Playa Los Muertos.

Gastronomía y vida nocturna en Playa Los Muertos

Cuando se trata de satisfacer tus papilas gustativas, Playa Los Muertos no decepciona. Encontrarás una amplia selección de restaurantes y cafés ubicados cerca de la playa. Desde auténtica comida mexicana hasta cocina internacional, hay opciones gastronómicas para todos los gustos. Además, muchos de estos lugares ofrecen menús especiales para vegetarianos y veganos.

Te recomendamos Langostinos Restaurant and Bar, La Palapa y El Dorado.

Después de una deliciosa cena, puedes sumergirte en la animada vida nocturna de la Zona Romántica. Los bares y discotecas LGBT-friendly ofrecen diferentes estilos de música y ambientes, asegurando que haya algo para todos. No importa si prefieres una noche tranquila en un bar acogedor o una fiesta en una discoteca de moda, Playa Los Muertos tiene opciones para todos los gustos.

Cómo llegar a Playa Los Muertos desde tu hotel LGBT-friendly

Llegar a Playa Los Muertos desde tu hotel LGBT-friendly es muy sencillo. Tienes varias opciones de transporte disponibles. Puedes optar por el transporte público, como los autobuses locales, que te llevarán directamente a la playa. También puedes utilizar servicios de transporte privado, como taxis o aplicaciones de viajes compartidos.

Una de las ventajas del Hotel Mercurio es su ubicación conveniente. Se encuentra a poca distancia de la playa, lo que te permite llegar caminando en solo unos minutos. ¡Así podrás disfrutar rápidamente de todo lo que la playa tiene para ofrecer!

Disfruta de Playa Los Muertos y todo lo que ofrece

Te animamos a visitar Playa Los Muertos durante tu estadía en Puerto Vallarta y disfrutar de su belleza y ambiente inclusivo. Relájate en la arena dorada, nada en las aguas cristalinas y conecta con personas que comparten tu misma energía. Además, no olvides explorar otras atracciones cercanas a la playa, como el Malecón y el casco antiguo, para aprovechar al máximo tu experiencia en Puerto Vallarta.

En resumen, Playa Los Muertos es un paraíso LGBT en Puerto Vallarta, ubicado a pocos minutos de tu hotel LGBT-friendly. Con su ambiente inclusivo, una amplia gama de actividades, opciones gastronómicas variadas y una vibrante vida nocturna, la playa ofrece todo lo que necesitas para unas vacaciones inolvidables. ¡No pierdas la oportunidad de descubrir esta emblemática ubicación LGBT-friendly!

Pride with Us

Vallarta Pride was louder than words. Take a Look!

17 May: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

We marched against discrimination and phobia about our LGBTQ community, raising awareness, sparking conversation and ultimately bring about change. After the march, at Los Arcos Amphitheater on the iconic Vallarta Malecon, the 1st Miss Vallarta PRIDE event was held. The competition was open to gender diversity, allowing participants of all gender identities to not only to show their beauty, but also to show their ability to articulate their ideas and perspectives on important issues in the LGBTQ+ community. Attended by hundreds of local residents and visitors - many not part of the LGBTQ+ community - the event helped to fortify those fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community while increasing visibility among the entire community of Puerto Vallarta. Rainbow and Trans flags and scarves were distributed by Hotel Mercurio, Bistro Mercurio and Mercurio Swim.

22 May: The Call of Nature Ball

We celebrated the first major voguing ballroom event EVER in Vallarta. Presented by Kiki House of Paradise and sponsored by Hotel Mercurio, Bistro Mercurio & Mercurio Swim. Since 2020, Kiki House of Paradise is the first voguing house in Puerto Vallarta dedicated to promoting ballroom culture and supporting family for gender and sexual non-conformism. Ballroom and House culture (think of the series "Pose") is growing in Mexico, with Houses established in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Puerto Vallarta. Scroll down for Ballroom Special Edition Content. 

25 May: PRIDE March

Vallarta's Pride March is the most colorful event of our celebrations. This year's theme "Be Proud of Your Nature" invited participants to display their full and natural colors as they marched to celebrate community while demanding the rights and acceptance that every being deserves. Many of the floats in the march were decorated in the colors and themes of our Sierra Madre mountains and bay waters, along with plenty of rainbow flag, Trans flag and other variations of Pride flag colors. As we have done for the past several Pride marches, the float sponsored by Hotel Mercurio / Bistro Mercurio / Mercurio Swim brought the Trans / Queer / Non-Binary  community together, showing solidarity, visibility, diversity and pride. The theme of the float this year was "The Future is Genderless." The float featured an ocean them with seahorses, coral, and the nature of the ocean. Local Trans leaders were invited to represent the community on the float, while Trans Men gogo dancers added to the sexiness and diversity represented. And if you think there aren't that many Trans / Queer / Non-Binary people in our community, think again! at least 75 marchers walked with us, waving their Trans Pride flags in blue, white and pink. It was an empowering event for all!

Wear It with Us: Rainbow Swimwear

Rainbow swimwear is a colorful and bold way for individuals in the LGBTQ+ community to express themselves at the beach, pool, or your favorite celebration. Wearing a gay rainbow swimsuit is a way to celebrate diversity and showcase your support for the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Whether you're looking for a speedo or trunk cut, there are plenty of options available to fit your personal style at Mercurio Swim.

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Did you know? Hotel Mercurio's restaurant has new name, Bistro Mercurio!

Not to worry, it offers the same delicious food, cozy atmosphere and OPEN to the public for poolside dining. Order Now

Eat with Us: Asian Shrimp Burger

Prepare your taste buds for a culinary adventure with the Asian Shrimp Burger, a beloved highlight on Bistro Mercurio's menu. Nestled within the vibrant, gay-owned Hotel Mercurio in Puerto Vallarta, this burger is a true fusion of flavors. Crafted with jumbo shrimp and infused with the tantalizing combination of ginger, chili paste, cilantro, and toasted sesame, each bite is a burst of Asian-inspired delight. The succulent shrimp patty, perfectly seasoned and grilled to perfection, is served on a toasted bun, creating a harmony of textures that will leave you craving for more.

At Bistro Mercurio, the Asian Shrimp Burger stands out as an irresistible favorite among locals and visitors alike. The restaurant's commitment to using quality ingredients shines through in every bite. The marriage of the jumbo shrimp with the aromatic blend of ginger, chili paste, cilantro, and toasted sesame creates a unique and unforgettable flavor profile. Served alongside a medley of fresh toppings and accompanied by your choice of side, this burger embodies the perfect balance of indulgence and culinary finesse, making it a must-try dish for seafood enthusiasts and food lovers visiting and living in Puerto Vallarta.

Make it at home or for your next fiesta!

Don't forget to snap a photo & tag us in your post!

Bistro Mercurio's Asian Shrimp Burger

Ingredients for the burger (4 burgers):

·        600 Gr. (1 1/3 lb) raw large shrimps, peeled and deveined. We find this is about 32 large shrimps.

·        1 tablespoon ginger paste or fresh ginger, finely diced

·        1 teaspoon spicy mayonnaise (see the simple recipe below)

·        1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil

·        2 Scallions, chopped fine

·        ¼ cup de spring onion, diced

·        2 fresh garlic cloves sliced thinly

·        ¼ cup cilantro, diced finely

·       Salt & Pepper

·        ¼ cup panko bread crumbs

Raw Shrimp: peeleand deveined, without tail. (You can use frozen shrimp but they must be defrosted thoroughly and dry before proceeding). Cut about a quarter of the shrimps in large pieces and chop in a food processor. Slice the rest of the shrimps in half lengthwise and set aside for the moment. 

Add all the ingrediente except the panko to the ground shrimp from your food processor. ¡Don't add the panko to the mix! Stir well to mix all these ingredients. This mix helps to bind the sliced shrimp together so that you can form the patties, while also providing the rich flavors of ginger, sesame, chile, garlic and scallion to your burger.

Add the sliced shrimps to this mix, and combine by hand. Then form 4 shrimp burger patties of equal size. (hint: you can freeze these patties for later use, if you wish, but wrap them individually)

Bread each shrimp patty with panko breadcrumbs, and they're ready to cook!

The cooking:

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Brown the burger patties in a hot skillet for 3 to 4 minutes. Be careful not to over-handle in order to maintain their shape and integrity. 

Move the burgers to a glass or metal pan or baking dish, and place in the oven for another 4 minutes.

Assemble Your Burgers!

Generously spread both top and bottom of a toasted hamburger bun with spicy mayonnaise. place the cooked patty on the bottom piece of the bread. Add sliced avocado if desired. Serve immediately.


Recipe for the Spicy Mayonnaise:

¾ cup mayonnaise

¼ cup Sriracha Sauce

3 teaspoons Soy Sauce (low-salt if available)

1 teaspoon Old Bay Seafood Seasoning or Mexican Tajin seasoning

Combine all ingredients and stir until well mixed. You'll want to make extra because this will be delicious on so many sandwiches and other dishes you prepare!


16 June: Honoring Mexico's LGBTQ+ Journey

Juan Jacobo Hernández, a founding member of the gay rights movement in Mexico, presented and discussed his book “Locabulary: Language and Oppression” in Puerto Vallarta on Friday Jun 16, 2023. His talk was held at the Puerto Vallarta Office of Cultural Projects, in conjunction with their impressive art exhibition "Queer/Cuir" featuring Queer Mexican artists. The event was proudly sponsored by Hotel Mercurio / Bistro Mercurio / Mercurio Swim. 

Juan Jacobo's talk briefly covered the long history of what was then called the "Homosexual Rights" movement in Mexico, dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He explained the intersectionality and shared history of other rights movements that have taken place both in Mexico and in the United States, including the Women's Suffrage Movement and the Civil Rights Movement. 

He tied in that long history with his own experience as an activist dating back to the late 1960s.He shared images from the Great Homosexual Pride March of June 29, 1979 in Mexico City. Hernández, now 81 years old, remains active in the LGBTQ+ rights movement, and currently heads Colectivo Sol, an association formed in 1981. Their activities include promotion and activism to prevent HIV-AIDS and various STDs, and care for people with such diseases.

Mercurio owner, Paul Crist said, "It is so very important to share and pass down our long LGBTQ+ history and culture to a younger generation of activists and ordinary people. There are few written histories of the movement in Mexico, highlighting the leaders, the actions, the struggle and the progress we have made. So the storytellers, like Juan Jacobo, who lived through and participated in our shared history are a treasure in terms of carrying forward the experiences and knowledge of their times." He continued, "So many young people today know only of the rights and acceptance they have experienced in this relatively modern time of marriage equality, HIV treatment availability, and increasing acceptance of LGBTQ+ members of society. It is vital that we preserve and share our history and it's context, in order to fight the battles to come for our communities. This is why we so proudly sponsored Juan Jacobo's visit to Vallarta and his sharing of this fascinating presentation."

Juan Jacobo had this to say about his new book: "Locabulary, Language and Oppression" is a collective book, where the humiliating, denigrating, insulting language with which we have always been referred to is addressed from different perspectives, so we grab those words, analyze them and try to dismantle the hateful edge they bring ... it is a very interesting book, easy to read and even fun."

A Gay Hotel in Puerto Vallarta

A Gay Hotel in Puerto Vallarta

Hotel Mercurio

Puerto Vallarta City pioneered the inclusion of the LGBTQ Community since the 60’s with one of the first well known gay beaches in Mexico.

The evolution of the gayborhood in Puerto Vallarta has been a very organic thing to watch. We may not be the oldest of gay hotel in the city but 18 of experience has taught us one thing or two:

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What to look for in a Gay Hotel in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

What to look for in a Gay Hotel in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Hotel Mercurio Courtyard

Dazzling beaches, speedos, cocktails, partying, and a chill time are the go to answers to many, but that is the destination not the journey, to access all of those you need a great hotel that happens to be gay-friendly or simply a gay hotel that allows you to really enjoy the experience in Puerto Vallarta or just PV for friends.

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5 Places to Visit In Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone

5 Places to Visit In Puerto Vallarta Romantic Zone

Puerto Vallarta Landscape

Natural beauty, historic buildings, and art pieces are waiting for you. Every tourist destination has certain places you must know, this list will walk you through the key places to go in Puerto Vallarta Zona Romántica.

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Puerto Vallarta Landscape

It is so good to forget the bad things of life and this month is perfect for that to just enjoy and enjoy this freeing time that someone can say is intoxicating. Enjoy it being yourself in all your glory like Beyonce dancing single ladies.

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Have you postpone your travel plans, time to arrange a romantic getaway a tropical paradise

Have you postpone your travel plans, time to arrange a romantic getaway a tropical paradise

Tropical Paradise

For whatever reason you may have postponed your travel plans, there is no time like now to arrange a romantic getaway in a tropical paradise. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, offers gay travelers a destination that is accepting and ready to assist you in making memories.

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