Would you like to save money on your next stay at Hotel Mercurio, even if you don't know when that will be? Let Teddy show you how!

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Meet Teddy. He is planning to visit Hotel Mercurio sometime in January or February 2021. He loves to frolic with all the other bears who visit Puerto Vallarta every winter! He doesn’t know the exact dates for his vacation yet, but he heard that Hotel Mercurio has a very special promotion going on RIGHT NOW!

Now through November 15, you can prepay $400 off your next visit (instead of the usual 1-night deposit), and get a 25% discount for the entire stay! No need to specify your exact dates right now, just let us know when you’ve got your travel dates firmed up and we’ll apply your prepayment and calculate your total with the discount applied. Stay any time—your prepayment has no expiration date and you can use it for any dates we have a room available! And your prepaid account can be used to cover your room, or for food/beverage services while you’re staying with us, or even for a new swimsuit from our Mercurio Swim collection for men!

¡Here’s how this great deal worked out for Teddy, on his next trip to Puerto Vallarta!

  • Five-night stay in January 2021, without pre-payment: $832.09 USD
  • Five-night stay in January 2021, with pre-payment and 25% discount per night: $624,06


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If you’re considering a winter or spring 2021 getaway, don’t let this unique offer from Hotel Mercurio expire! The offer is only good through November 15, 2020! And it won’t be extended or repeated! Pay now, stay for less whenever you’re ready!

—Eileen Toodaleft