What to look in a Gay Hotel in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    Hotel Mercurio Courtyard (04/16/2021)

Dazzling beaches, speedos, cocktails, partying, and a chill time are the go to answers to many, but that is the destination not the journey, to access all of those you need a great hotel that happens to be gay-friendly or simply a gay hotel that allows you to really enjoy the experience in Puerto Vallarta or just PV for friends.


PV has a great small-town feel that allows you to regain energy on vacations, to really enjoy a fabulous time you need to be where the action happens. And in Vallarta, is all about Zona Romantica and Playa de los Muertos. The city is all around LGBTQ friendly but the heart and soul of the scene is around these two areas

Zona Romantica: Great cuisine, excellent gay bars, gay friendly bars, and pretty much everything you’ll need to enjoy your trip to PV will be here. Also it is a great place to find that special someone you’ve been looking for or dance until your heart’s content.

Playa de los Muertos: A place where you can relax and have fun by the beach in one of the many public chairs set just a few feets away from the sea. Perfect to chill and refill your batteries.


Great resorts and luxury rooms are great but a smile and greeting by your name goes a long way to make you feel at home away from home. A great gay hotel needs to make you feel comfortable at least 8 hrs a day 6 if you had a wild night of clubing or wandering around with friends or your loved one at the beach.

Safe Haven

safety is sometimes underrated and everywhere you go you can find pockets of madness around the world. A hotel needs to be a safe haven where you can find people that nurture and support you while you enjoy your vacations. These sense of community is what makes us gay people strong and what will keep us strong going forth try to look for that in a hotel in PV; having said that the city is overall a gay travel approved so you can feel at ease.

Other two things we could mention are luxury and installations, but PV is a place that doesn’t take pride in big resorts like hotels. The environment is better enjoyed when you are around people that are also enjoying the city in their own way. Freedom someone calls it, that’s why we kept this out of our list.

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Stay Awesome, stay fabulous!