Hotel Mercurio Courtyard

A Gay Hotel in Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta City pioneered the inclusion of the LGBTQ Community since the 60’s with one of the first well known gay beaches in Mexico.

The evolution of the gayborhood in Puerto Vallarta has been a very organic thing to watch. We may not be the oldest of gay hotel in the city but 18 of experience has taught us one thing or two:

Family First

When you stay at a hotel like ours you’ll feel the warmth since you get received at the hotels lobby, this is because our staff and management have the goal of making your stay like a second home, in the middle of paradise.

We are a gay hotel but everyone is welcomed, and our our staff knows this very well, they are used to receive people from all over the world with all kind of backgrounds looking for a home away from home.

There is always a new adventure around the corner

We love everything about La Zona Romántica, this is the heart of the gayborhood in Puerto Vallarta. This awesome well kept colonial styled area of more or less a 100 blocks is the perfect place to find love, friendship, and stories to tell for the rest of your life, we promote this idea with several events that go for a BBQ to a gogo dancing competence.

There is always something to do around us, we can be the means to an end or the hub where your adventure starts and where you gather your forces to keep going.

Stay Awesome, stay fabulous!