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Puerto Vallarta, The Paradise of the Pacific Coast
If you are looking for the ideal place to enjoy a good vacation on the beach, Puerto Vallarta is your best option. Puerto Vallarta has excellent weather, outdoor activities, shopping and restaurants of all kinds. And what can be said about our incredible nightlife? Puerto Vallarta has no comparison. In recent years it has positioned itself as the friendliest gay tourist destination in the entire country. The gay community in Puerto Vallarta has a lot of visibility and includes locals as well as foreigners, mostly from the United States and Canada. That is why gay or bisexual visitors have a wide variety of options regarding gay accommodation. And as for the gay nightlife, Puerto Vallarta has approximately 20 different clubs, from bars, discos to dance, bars with transvestite shows and strippers, to the most sophisticated cafes and martini bars to have an intimate and entertaining chat. Each year, new gay entrepreneurs arrive in Puerto Vallarta to join the variety of business environment in the city, which includes clothing and accessories stores, art galleries and fine crafts, restaurants for all tastes and budgets, household items and many other things. With so many options, it is no wonder that Puerto Vallarta is considered as the vacation destination to which more people return a second time around the world. There is always something new to discover!.

The beauty of Puerto Vallarta is intimately linked with its enviable surroundings in Bahía de Banderas, on the Mexican Pacific Riviera. The Sierra Madre surrounds the bay, one of the largest in Mexico, with its tropical beauty, while protecting and providing incredible views of the sea. From the top you can see the parks, the cobbled streets, the Malecón with its white buildings and tile roofs, as well as many other charms that make Vallarta a unique city. Puerto Vallarta is divided by the Cuale River and is in the area south of the river, known as the Zona Romantica, where the gay area and the famous Los Muertos beach are located.

The climate in Puerto Vallarta is sunny and warm from November to June, with very little rain. Even during the rainy season, from June to October, there is plenty of sunshine and clear skies almost every day, as it typically rains only for brief periods during the afternoon. When the rain is over, the air smells clean, the temperature refreshes and the nights are pleasant. The sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are spectacular all year round!

For gays who prefer outdoor activities, Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer: gay cruises, city tours, parachuting, diving, zip-lining, mountain biking and horseback riding are just some of them. In addition, the arrival to the bay of the humpback whales from December to April of each year provides the visitor with a unique opportunity to observe these giant mammals up close.

For gay people who enjoy shopping and good food, the options in Puerto Vallarta are practically unlimited. This region of Mexico is known for its traditional Talavera ceramics, as well as blown glass. The Huichol of Nayarit are excellent craftsmen and produce paintings made with yarn, as well as masks, and animals carved in wood and covered with multicolored beads. Many shops and galleries offer clothing, accessories, swimsuits, cigars from Havana, zarapes, jewelry and all kinds of home and handmade items.

As for food, there are options from the cheapest taquerias, stalls and cenadurías, to gourmet restaurants that have received many international and prestigious awards. Among them is the renowned Café des Artistes where you can enjoy a five-course dinner, with wines selected specifically for each dish, for $ 120 per person. Thierry Blouet, owner and executive chef of Café des Artistes is one of the 340 chefs who have received the recognition of Maîtres Cuisiniers de France all over the world. Of course, between the glamor of the gourmet restaurant and the folklore of the taquería there are many options of atmosphere.

Among the gay restaurants in Puerto Vallarta (many of them in the Romantic Zone) stand out the Kit Kat, which includes a martini bar, Café Bohemio, Mama Dolores (who is comically personified by the owner, Grant Hunnermund, every Saturday and no you should miss it), Barrio Sur, Banana Cantina, and El Arrayán, with excellent typical Mexican food. Your hotel receptionist or concierge can help you select the best restaurant for your taste.

If you are a parrandero and your idea of vacation includes going from antrum to antrum all night, Puerto Vallarta will not disappoint you. There are clubs and bars for all tastes and the local community is always willing to offer Vallarta hospitality to all visitors. Start your evening with a cold beer or cocktail in Sama on Calle Olas Altas and you will see an infinity of horny men returning from the beach. By nightfall, your options include Garbo, Encuentros (which also offers excellent personal size pizzas) ,. Apache's, Los Amigos, the bar / pool in Hotel Mercurio and several other clubs where you will surely meet someone friendly. At around 11 at night, the strippers dominate the track in Antropology and in the club Tomorrow, where they will show you their muscles and the odd little thing (little thing?). Late in the night is when the action starts at Club Paco Paco and the new club Mañana, and continues until six in the morning. If at that time you still have a rope, then maybe you want to tell us what you took, right?