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Humpback whales in Puerto Vallarta

January 15, 2014 5:50 pm ⋅ Jorge Chavez

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Every year during the winter, Mother Nature attracts hundreds of humpback our prodigious whales Banderas Bay. Its more than 5,000 kilometers of migration from the icy waters of Alaska allows them to procreate and raise their calves off the coast of Puerto Vallarta.

From December to March of each year, visitors and residents will appreciate the stunning Humpback Whales in Puerto Vallarta.

By the month of March, the calves are strong enough and have gained body fat necessary to return to the cold North Pacific.

While the females care for newborns and teach them to breathe, swim, dive and even jump; males sing long and repetitive to woo younger and if possible paired voices. Some boat tours immersed microphone to appreciate these lovely sounds.

Between December and March, whales can be seen along the Bay of Banderas, and even with a bit of luck, if you walk quietly on Los Muertos Beach, located very close to Hotel Mercurio, will appreciate the eruption of water emanating from their spiracles, or until coletazo impressive leap.

The humpback whale is a protected species, so that vessels are engaged in watching tours must be certified to perform this activity, ensuring that they respect the distance that must be kept for safety. Touching or feeding them is prohibited, but whales are curious and often offer great sight to keep in photography.

A whale watching tour usually takes between 2 and 4 hours and includes a light breakfast on board the boat. Once the whale is located at a distance, the boat approaches to the proper distance to be appreciated in all its glory by the present. Come to our concierge and he will suggest you the best option.